Hair weave in ancient Egypt

Hair Weaving Originated in Ancient Egypt?

Yes! There is documentation that hair weaves, extensions and wigs originated in ancient Egypt. Sometime around 3,400 B.C., they were shaving their heads and wearing extensions and wigs. Even the men donned hair pieces.

When researching the topic, you’ll see that there are many different reasons documented for them doing so. Among those are: they didn’t like body hair, to prevent lice, to make thinning hair fuller or simply the wide array of choices. Color choices that is, bright blue, red and gold. Cleopatra’s favorite color is said to have been peacock blue.

Whatever the reason, the one common denominator is they used human hair, some say mixed with sheep’s wool. They attached the hair or constructed the wigs using resin and beeswax.

One thing that has not changed about hair weaving, is it is synonymous with prestige and fame. In ancient Egypt, it was said to have been very popular among the rich. Although it is very common today, due to the variety of hair and many different price points.

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