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Long Healthy Natural Hair Regimen

Long Healthy Natural Hair Pyramid - A Regimen At A GlanceCourtesy Of

In previous posts I’ve mentioned that I’ve done a lot of research on healthy hair and I follow a few naturalistas.  The chart above was created by one of those naturalistas I follow; Alma of

I like the fact that Alma and I have been on the same journey of searching for useful information to maintain our manes.  We both decided to share what we’ve found.  Also, Alma and I share the same philosophy that “You can’t create a one size fits all approach to a natural hair regimen, even amongst natural hair gurus, their specific journeys and methods responsible for their successes are very divergent,  sometimes even downright contradictory.” 

In Alma’s blog post Long Healthy Natural Hair Pyramid – A Regimen At A Glance  she gives the following useful tips for those trying to grow their natural hair long:


  • Moisturize and seal daily or at least every other day depending on your hair’s needs. Fine strands may want to go with light oils like coconut oil but coarse strands should go with shea butter or other heavy oil.
  • Drink water daily, this helps with optimal skin and hair health.
  • If you have opted to include vitamins in your regimen take them daily for maximum effect.
  • Style your hair with your fingers only but try and make your styles last all week without restyling!
  • Green house effect (GHE) some people add this to their regimen daily to increase hair growth, remember though that as a natural GHE will encourage shrinkage and shrinkage is not a good friend of a hair grower.
  • Accessorize daily to avoid getting bored with protective styling! Cover your hair nightly with a satin bonnet or sleep on a satin pillowcase.

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