Virgin Hair Grades: 3A or 7A? The Mystery Solved

The most important thing you need to know about the virgin hair grades you see attached to hair ads; it’s not a formal, regulated system. When shopping for hair online,  you’ll see most retailers have a grading system. It’s important to know that it’s usually created by them for them.

Multiple people claim to be the originator of the system. One person claims it was created to indicate to manufacturers how thick a retailer wanted their hair from weft to ends. With 3A indicating thin, tapered ends and the thickness increasing as the number increased to 7A.

Another person claims to have created it to indicate the quality of hair. Lower numbers were for hair that wasn’t properly maintained by the donor and unhealthy. The higher the grade the healthier the hair. The higher grades also indicate fewer donors and remy quality. Remy indicates that the cuticles are aligned and not stripped by way of acid bath. Remy hair has a natural luster whereas hair that has gone through an acid bath is then dipped in silicone to appear to have a shine. This shine wears off quickly during daily/regular maintenance.

Malaysian Body Wave 12' - color 4
Malaysian Body Wave 12′

How to Use Virgin Hair Grades:

You use virgin hair grades by not using virgin hair grades to make a decision.

The most important features to look for when shopping for human hair extensions is quality, virgin remy hair. To qualify as virgin, the extensions cannot be dyed or permed. To qualify as quality cuticle remy hair the cuticles must be intact and aligned. For more information on the types of hair; Brazilian, Eurasian, Malaysian and Peruvian read our post Types of Hair Extensions Explained.

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