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Extensions vs Natural Hair: Why Must We Choose?

I have been asked, a few times, why is it that I share information on maintaining healthy hair if I sell human hair extensions.

Let me explain:

I am natural and have been for 4 years.  I’ve done the big chop twice!   However I do wear weave as a protective style probably half the year.   One month, of those 6 may or may not include braids.

I’ve done plenty of research and find it a daunting task to get all of the information I need to keep my mane healthy.  It involves more than hair products.  You have to feed and love your mane as well.

I don’t believe in the cookie cutter hair regimens.  Have you ever watched a video on a hair regimen, gone out and purchased those products, performed the steps exactly as shown to wake up to a huge disappointment in the morning?  So have I!  Everything isn’t for everyone.

As a result of all of my research, I read and follow a lot of naturalista vlogs/blogs on YouTube and Facebook.  I find that as a rule, weave is looked upon as something worn by women with self-hatred or self-esteem issues.  I’ve heard similar comments from men.

I couldn’t disagree more!  I get the same amount/kinds of compliments whether I’m donning my natural do or a weave.  My reasons for wearing weave are:

  • I like to give my hair a rest from time to time
  • My hair tends to break tremendously in the winter
  • I travel a lot and find it much easier to maintain than my long thick 4c kinky curly mane

There are many other reasons women wear hair extensions;

  • For convenience
  • As a protective style
  • Simply because they like it

Women should be able to decide how they want to wear their hair.   Whether they choose extensions, braids, natural, or relaxed; it should be about what makes you feel great at the end of the day.

I want Human Hair Guru to be your online solution for EVERYTHING hair.