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Proper Maintenance of Your Weave and Your Natural Hair Underneath

You hear a lot of horror stories about weave.  What you don’t hear is if you maintain your weave and your hair properly, you can avoid the horror scenes.  As a matter of fact, it’s a great protective style that will allow optimize growing a healthy head of hair underneath.

Tips for Proper Maintenance:

  • Prepare your own hair first  –  be sure to deep condition prior to installing your weave.   Be sure your braids are not uncomfortably tight, that can cause breakage.  We suggest a conditioner like Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Hair Masque.
  • Use only 100% human hair  –  synthetic hair is known to be a scalp irritant and to cause your natural hair to break.  You want to be sure you’re purchasing a quality grade of human hair like the Grade 6A human hair we offer at Human Hair Guru.  Human hair is a larger investment than synthetic, but you get what you pay for.
  • Use a weaving net  –  properly installed, a net will relieve tension on your  natural hair.  Your installer should sew the cap to your hair and then the weave to the cap.
  • No glue!  –  Sew-ins are the way to go.  Glues can cause damage to your natural hair, they come with the possibility of health hazards and they don’t last nearly as long as sew-ins.
  • Care for your natural hair – Be sure to oil your edges and your scalp the best you can, nightly, if necessary.  Nourishing oils like jojoba or almond, mixed in a spray bottle with rosemary herb are great natural choices.  These oils are great for their conditioning and growth stimulation qualities.   Be sure to tie up your tresses at night with a silk scarf.
  • Wash your natural hair AND your weave – be sure to use your fingers to gently massage shampoo and conditioner into your scalp and natural hair.  Adding your products and a little water to a spray bottle can help to distribute the product to your natural hair beneath the weave and net.  Separate your weave into sections and wash and rinse a section at a time to be sure you’ve rinsed thoroughly and to prevent excessive tangling.  Detangle each section with your fingers while the strands are saturated with conditioner.  Be sure to dry your natural hair and your weave thoroughly.
  • Put the product monster to rest – try to steer clear of oils, cremes and hairsprays.  These products tend to leave a build up on your hair, weigh it down and can potentially cause odors.  Quality human hair does not require products to maintain it.   A small amount of leave in on damp curly hair can help prevent frizz.
  • Use as little heat as possible  –  too much heat can damage your human hair weave just as it will your natural hair.  There are many ways to achieve curls without the heat; jumbo braids and bantu knots will give you the loose wave effect.  If you must use heat or are looking for a deeper curl, I suggest HSI PROFESSIONAL CURLING IRON SET. 4 BARREL SIZES 3/4″,1″,1.5″ AND 3/4-1″ DUAL VOLTAGE 110-220V PROFESSIONAL SALON MODEL. FREE GLOVE INCLUDED WITH CURLING WAND.  Curl with the wand, then pin curl it at night to maintain those curls for days.

Be sure to care for your human hair weave as you would your own hair and don’t neglect your hair while wearing a weave.  Proper care and maintenance will prevent horror stories later.